Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

My brothers told me, but

I didn't really believe.

Unless and until I am in on the death of bosses in Serpent Shrine Cavern, Mt. Hyjal and Black Temple, I have very few upgrade options left for most of my gear. How did this happen? I can't even blame it on being a healing class, since I spend most of my time Shadow spec'ed.

Of the bosses my guild have proven they can down, I could use two items from Magtheridon, and one each from Maiden of Virtue (Karazhan), Gruul (Gruul's Lair), and Void Reaver (Tempest Keep: The Eye). There are two or three from Kael'thas himself and A'lar in Tempest Keep: The Eye as well, but Foederati hasn't attempted those yet.

I guess I better start looking hard for Living Rubies, because that's about the only way I am going to up my DPS. (There is an awesome +damage gem from PvP, but I PvP about as well as a brick floats.)

And, if I really want to waste some time, I should leave Aydena in her healing gear so I can look up upgrades for that (I have reason to believe that will be somewhat eye-opening as well.)
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