Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I logged Aydena off in her healing gear

Right. So, while I do have some upgrades, I will not be denigrating my healing gear to anyone but those that have spent time in SSC, Mt Hyjal and Black Temple.

I guess I have to admit I have spent a good bit of time (and had a LOT of luck) in Karazhan, and had extraordinary luck in my couple-few Gruul and Magtheridon runs. I believe I really can, now, run with the 'big dogs'.

And to think, I thought this day would never happen....

But this doesn't explain why I am usually low in the Healing charts (when I heal, that is) and always down with the WARRIORS for damage. It's some comfort that Dellis (another shadowpriest) does about my damage. However, Suicidal (shadowpriest) pretty much does our damage combined. Ouch.
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