Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Will not take 'no' for an answer

Dear Client,

I fraking slipped you into our full schedule on the understanding that you needed "a" batch.

When you casually mentioned it was 'placebo and active' in the next teleconference, I charitably assumed I had mis-heard you before and decided we might be able to handle that.

Then you come up with 'four batches - 80 mg and 120 mg fill for placebo and active', I started to protest that we didn't have that kind of time.

Then, completely ignoring me, you ask for a FIFTH batch.

Now, you are asking for one placebo and active with one solvent and another placebo and active of another solvent and TOTALLY ignoring me continuing to say 'no'. (It's an even stronger NO now, as the cleaning between batches would be a week or more just by itself)

This doesn't EVEN cover the fact that you haven't sent me the information I need to even START the damn batch records that I supposedly need to use in less then three weeks.

No love,

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