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An anecdote from the end of yesterday.

Just to show I really can be as evil as this avatar suggests (for those who might not believe it....)

So, the King and Queen had walked to a restarea after the hanging scene and Isabella (Miranda) comes back to fetch me (from where I was waiting with the Queen's ruff) and says something to the effect of 'Let me walk next to the loveliest lady at the fair'. Well, I can't let a doozy like that stand and say 'Nay! This is not possible, for *I* am walking next to the loveliest lady at the fair" at which point the evil plot hits me full blown as we argue the point. We could tax (and I use that word deliberately) our guards with the question! Not very original, but what fun! Fate intervened in the form of a performer needing help and Jason G. assisting, so we didn't have both guards in the same place at the same time until after cannon went off.

Not remembering the schedule for the guards at closing I took the opportunity to ask each when they might both be free soon. Strangely enough, they sensed danger and asked why. *evil grin* I replied that I simply had a question for both of them. They were somewhat molified.

So, after cannon I managed (with difficulty) to get Miranda, Jason C., Jason G. and myself all in the same place at the same time. I explained my conversation with Miranda and asked them to settle our dispute for us. Ah, the look on their faces!
They confered.
They turned back and Jason G. was the spokesman. He praised us both with eloquence and I turned to Miranda and said "I hear a 'but'" and realized, while saying it, that I even knew what that 'but' was and realized I had lost. danm. ;) The but was of course, that while we two were lovely, with our Queen in attendance, we were thouroughly over-shadowed.
At which point I admitted defeat.

But, lordy! That was fun. Jason C. called it evil in the parking lot and said he couldn't believe I had asked them that. Jason G. apparently knows me better, as he had no further comment. :D


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