Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I'm Mr. Brightside.

Some of you will very likely see where this is going before I get there, thanks to the title.

Anyway. There have been a pair of songs on the radio recently that I have really liked, but the station I listen to doesn't identify songs very often. I got lucky and heard that one was by the Killers. From that and the song itself, I could find the song online, as the title is pretty obvious in the song: "Somebody Told Me".

The second song, I was pretty sure was also the Killers, but couldn't figure out the title just from browsing Killers' songs. Boo.

When I went to Target for that aborted Transformers purchase, I stopped by the music section on a whim. There were two albums by the Killers for sale and one had "Somebody Told Me", so I bought it. I still wasn't any closer to identifying the other song, however.

Then I listened to the album. Second song, there it was. But it was titled 'Mr. Brightside". ummm wut?

It was only on my fourth or fifth listening to the song from the CD that I finally realized I had be misinterpreting the line 'I'm Mr. Brightside'. I was hearing something like 'life is the price I (pay)'. O.o

But, damn, how lucky to find both songs on one album?

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