Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

What a pretty sunrise this morning.

Don't ask why I was contemplating this, because I blame it on boredom-while-driving. There's a scene at the end of the Transformers movie that had me and at least one other person on my flist going 'Erm.. what?'

The scene in question is the two main human characters cuddling on Bumblebee's hood while the rest of the Autobots are just 'around'. Looking on, perhaps, curious about this strange human behavior. (Let's face it, human behavior pretty much has to be bizarre, and maybe even fascinating, to a giant robot.)

It occurred to me that humans may be to transformers what small, furry animals are to humans - too damn cute and really pleasant to touch. Which would make the final scene equivalent to two kittens curled up for a nap in someones lap (or the middle of someones back, whichever is most inconvenient) while the rest of the family goes about relaxing.

My thinking was, we are soft, while they would be used to metal-hard. We can no more hurt them than a new-hatched chick can hurt us, but I am here to tell you it's damn cool to be holding a baby chick. All this supposes that our bodies' tendency to bend and deform didn't give them the transformer's version of the willies, of course.

Eh, I think my drive to work is too long.

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