Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I just can't take a hint

And, perhaps it's just as well. Because now I have a skirt all done but for the closure and the hemming.

First, I managed to 'snip' the skin of my left forefinger with the scissors while cutting out the fabric. I guess that just goes to show how sharp the scissors are all the way to the ends.

Then, while pinning the pleats to the waistband I hiccuped* at just the wrong time and stabbed the pin a surprising distance into the flesh under my thumbnail (but not precisely under the nail, it wasn't quite that angle. Thank goodness, because I am pretty sure that would hurt more.)

But, I didn't take the hint and, like I said, I know have a skirt very nearly finished. I might wear it to Dragon*Con, I certainly will wear it to KCRF.

*this was my second of three bouts with hiccups yesterday. If I get them once in a day, I can expect them several times. I really dislike hiccups.
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