Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Kansas State Fair.

Lots changed. The cattle are completly moved out of the two buildings they used to be in and are across the 'street' in a new (air conditioned?) building. One of the old cattle buildings was closed up and the other is now a rabbit building.

The Expo II is in use for horse shows (making two buildings for horses - okay full sized horses and ponies. The minatures were in the Bison Building.)

The birthing center has a bigger building (used to be rabbits, I am thinking)

There were deep fat fried candy bars. (whimper)

And there were smoked turkey legs. Imagine that. Wonder why it took so long.....

Rabbits are damn cute. After walking through that building, I wanted one for a pet.

Then, after watching the minutature horses on Sunday, I wanted one of those for a pet, too. They are about the size of large dogs and expected to run obstacle courses like dogs, too. They have the sweetest little hooves! tick-tack, tick-tack on the hardtop. *sigh*

Aquired a pair of pants that I plan to wear as bloomers. But that is all I plan to say on the subject until they are 'unveiled' this weekend.

Ate too much for my diet. Surprise, surprise... but how could I be expected to resist Pronto Pups? Or 'homemade' ice cream you can watch them freezing right next to the kiosk? Or a few pieces of saltwater taffy? (the fudge I resisted because I just don't like their fudge....) And Mom made her chalupa. I mean, how could I NOT take a second plateful? It's a physical impossability, I am telling you.

And yet.. and yet I would look at the clock and think "they are doing 'x' right now....."

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