Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Oh, that's right

these are the types of days that make me want a different job.

We are supposed to be compounding tomorrow. But we don't have a batch record. First the client took his time sending comments.

Then they were vague and I didn't change the thing he wanted changed.

Then he wanted something ELSE changed. But he was vague again.

And he's NOT responding to my most recent reply, so I STILL don't know how to change the thing he wants changed, so I can get it reviewed, so I can get it back to him to sign.

AND, I have to get this compounded early in the day because we HAVE to have in-process results to fill and the assay takes for-fraking-near-ever. And the API is slow to dissolve.

AND, we had to change our filling machine (for another client, which is also being a total pain) and the verification for that change isn't done yet, so we may not be able to use the equipment.

AND, the people doing the verification managed to fry the motor on one of the pieces of equipment - I still don't know when that will get replaced.

And, I really can't run away from the whole thing, no matter how much I may want to.

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