Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

The Sake tasting went...

... a little less than stellarly. The company was wonderful, but the sake (or our palettes...) was lacking.

The Snow Maiden was a little sharp for me, but auroraceleste liked it better. Turned out it was actually expired (by about 6 or 7 month 8-O ).

The other (without a special name) was... well I kept thinking 'cough syrup' and Aurora didn't like it any better. Neither of us finished even the little cups worth of it.

But I left those little cups out over night, instead of dumping them. And then, in the morning on a whim, gave the settled, room-temperature stuff a try.

MUCH better. I don't know if it needed to breath, needed to settle, needed to be unchilled or if my palette was just that different morning to night, but I liked it ever so much better that morning and finished off the supernatant in each little cup. Left the solids, I will admit.

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