Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

The moon was a pretty sliver hanging in a brightening sky. (I see a lot of 'brightening sky', you might notice.) I realized I hadn't seen that in quite some time, probably since last spring, really.

I tried very hard to focus on how pretty the moon was, rather than how irritated I was with traffic. Didn't work so well, but I think it helped some.

This not-sleeping-well-in-the-morning is the most likely culprit for many of my current complaints. Tiredness, irritability, lack of focus. Sigh. I would try melatonine again, but the dreams were too unrestful and I strongly suspect it brought on my last migraine. Any other options? adammaker suggested Sleepy Time tea with a dash of alcohol to bring out the best in it, but I am not sure I want to do that on a regular basis (and would it really help 8 hours later?)

I probably can't do much about my knee, though, as I seem to remember this is about the age my mother started commenting on her knees bothering her.
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