Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

ACK! Interruption to "Girl Genius" again. SADISTIC!

Aurora Celeste and I meant to go to KCRF of Saturday, but the lightning scared us off and we saw Elizabeth, instead. Pretty decent trade-off, really. (Oh, and had sushi afterward and ran into Star and Pooch. Yay!) On Sunday, Aurora, her Lou and I all went to the KCRF for the first ~4 hours. It was muddy, of course, but the weather was wonderful and I totally prefer mud to dust. Aurora and I are in complete agreement over what we 'HAD' to see/listen to, which we did, and a good time was had by all.

I was craving Erasure's "Brother and Sister" for a while now. I found a used copy of 'Wild!' and am VERY happy. It's got "Crown of Thorns' which I was missing, too. Very happy. It's likely to be playing in my car for a while.

Foederati downed Leotheras the Blind last night. I learned three hard lessons about fighting Inner Demons in our attempts.

1) Every second is precious. If I fear the little blighter out of my spell range, and it decides to STAY there for a bit, I FAIL

2) I must target the little blighter BEFORE hitting my fear. Those little blighters are kind of hard to find, losing me precious seconds and I FAIL

3) A macro of "/tar Inner Demon" can and will target someone ELSE'S little blighter (likely because they spawn in behind one), losing me precious seconds and I FAIL

The fact that my fellow raiders (and, I admit, I) are very good at killing Mind Controlled fellow raid members off is no new thing. LOL In fact, it's something of a long standing joke.

(Raid Member in some other instance: Quick! Kill him before the MC breaks!
Raid Leader: NO! Don't kill... damn.
In the Leo fight, however, it's the Raid Leader saying 'DoT up X, quick")

A new word was coined last night. A bit of history first. Serpent Shrine Cavern (SSC) is a large, watery cave for the first part, with raised walkways/platforms running in a crazy pattern. There are a few 'pipes' one can use to get from the water (where one boss is) to the walkway. However, the pipes connect to the platforms at only a narrow area and there are character-eating gaps on either side. Paagnio was the first person to 'find' the gap at our staging area for killing Morogrim trash and it's been the "Paag-hole" ever since.

For some sadistic reason, the devs left ANOTHER odd little gap in the most logical running-through spot to the cave entrance to Leo's area. Tarsus fell through that one, causing me to say on Vent something like 'Oh look, we have a new hole'. It was almost immediately dubbed the 'Tar-Hole' to much ribbing and is likely to stay that way a) because it's a convinient reference to a place we are likely to refer to and b) many, many people are going to fall in it.

However, my comment caused Paagnio to wish (once again, it seems) that he was recording Vent, so he had a female voice saying 'Oh look, we have a new hole'. But that's Paag for ya.

Ooo! OOO! AND, we made a few attempts on Lady Vashj, the final boss of SSC. It looks chaotic, but phase I is a joke, and phase II is doable. What phase III will be like.... we shall see, I am sure.

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