Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I knew there was down time, but sheesh.

I have 12 of 20 seams done on the corset I am working on. Keep in mind, these are hand sewn seams and mostly worked on... get this... during down time while raiding in WoW. Either waiting for the raid to start, or waiting for the next pull (rather more time after a wipe then if we succeed, but there's still down time).

The busk was mailed out on Friday (the email tells me) so I expect it soon. The seams that will contain the busk are 2 of the 8 remaining, the seams that join the Center Front to the rest of the corset are 4 of the remaining 8 and the last 2 are the two that join the Center Back of one side to the rest - which I plan to do tonight.

This is going rather faster than I exected. AND I am getting sewing done while also raiding in WoW. Very interesting.
Tags: corset, oblivion, wow

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