Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Oh, my! OH, MY!

The lovely and talented and ever-so-enabling auroraceleste brought me something yesterday she referred to as video 'crack'.

And I STILL wasn't prepared.

"The Story of Saiunkoku"

If this isn't a a beloved folktale/romantisize history, lovingly and respectfully told, I will be VERY surprised. It's anime, but the main characters aren't prats, or brooding heroes (even better, they don't waffle between the two *cough Abel Nightroad, Vash cough*) and, even though their reactions are occasionally blown out of proportion, it's rare and to good effect. Nor does it seem to be a vehicle for stupid jokes, but rather a known story moved along at a reasonable pace. So far. (Oh, ignore that, it's just my cynical side peeking out.)

All the characters are believable (if just a little too perfect at times - I mentioned folklore, yes?), even the main character, who appears to be a paragon of all feminine virtues. But you won't hate her! Oh, no. Want to worship the ground she walks on (like everyone in the story), maybe, but never hate her.

And she's PRETTY! Especially in her consort regalia. SOOOOOO pretty.

But the MEN! And there are lots. Delicious. Delightful. I swear, there were times I nearly melted from an EYE. *swoon*

Five episodes in and I realize that the 'job' the main character was set to do is really done.... which scares me. This much virtue (and I mean, among all the characters) will require testing by some seriously bad happenings. I fear, my dears. I fear all hell is about to break loose on these lovely characters.

And my pusher has promised me more tonight... maybe. *drool*
Tags: anime

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