Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Maybe my 5:15 wake up call really is internal - I woke up at 4:15. I wonder if it will aclimate to the time change, or stay at 4:15. I am totally bemused by the clock-work nature of this strange wake up. How can I be SO precise... wait... unless it's some clock or timed devise in my apartment that hasn't had the time change... but WHAT?! Argh.

Saw the sun this morning on my drive to work, just peeking over the horizon at times. Haven't seen that in quite some time. Yesterday was foggy and the horizon was just a bright glow, no sun in evidence.

The corset halves are put together and one side has had all the seams justified. I have ruled in all the boning channels on that one, but still need to justify the seams on the second half and rule in the boning channels. I plan to do the first, at least, at sewing meet up tonight. Hand sewing really does seem to be habit-forming. *shakes head*. I actually considered HAND SEWING the boning channels. Crazy talk.
Tags: corset, ramble
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