Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

A migraine. oh, joy.

The good news is, my body chemistry seems to have changed over the years. I had noticed (oh, about 10 years ago now) that, if I took Motrin just as soon as the blind spot was noticed and then closed my eyes until the blind spot and scintilation was gone (yes, even with my eyes closed, the blind spot is obvious), I wouldn't get a headache and certainly wouldn't get the numbness or vomiting.

Last night, I found out that closing my eyes wasn't necessary to stop the numbness and vomiting, but is necessary to completely stop the pain. On the other hand, the pain was minimal.

The blind spot and scintilation, on the other hand, were the WORST I can remember. Most all the left half of my vision just wan't there. Reading (I was stubborn and insisted on playing WoW though it) was... interesting, but just barely possible.

That was really wierd.
Tags: migraine, ramble
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