Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

The Oblivion corset is completed

I have finally completed the corset for the Oblivion gown. I think it worked out well. You might remember that is based on the corset pattern found on page 81 of Corsets and Crinolines.

I blew the pieces up to full size (according to the provided scale), then slashed each down the middle and spread them 3/4 in.

The finished measurements of this corset are:
Bust - 39 in.
Waist - 29 in.
Hip - 38 in.

(Which means the original corset pattern would have made up as 31.5 / 21.5 /30.5, or thereabouts.)

Front length is `14.5 in. with 8 in. above the waist.

It's two layers of unbleached coutil with mostly 1/4 in. spiral bones. The bones backing up the lacing holes are 1/2 in. spring steel, of course. The busk is a 14 in. spoon busk. I really think I am going to like those.

The shape seems about right, and the bust seems to support me correctly. It's a little long for sitting in, but not impossible. There are wrinkles, though, so I have done something wrong. Alas.

This is the shape I am going for.

The front of the corset. I can see that I have bone between the busk and the first seam a little off. I think it should be centered on the panel more.

The side

And the back. I can't decide if this just isn't dead-on from the back, or if the corset ends up lopsided because my body is uneven. Either way, there are wave/wrinkles on the right side that I don't completely understand. I may have just sewn the two pieces together with the wrong tension or something.
But notice that the back comes up high enough to avoid the back-fat overflow I am prone to. It's pretty comfy, too.
Tags: corset, oblivion

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