Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

If there really were a god of mischief...

... I would be seriously thinking that he/she/it found tricking me about the start of my menstrual cycle to be a fascinating game.

It was 28 days for several months, then 26.. then 24 (or 23, depending on how I choose to count it) last month. For the last two months I have had tender breasts for a week before my period starts.

Now, with 24 days behind me and 26 right in front of me, I can't detect any pms symptoms at all. Unless.... There's a faint chance that I am worrying about it not because I have been keeping track on the calendar, but because more subtle cues are making it to my subconscious.

But the thought that something, somewhere, is giggling it's head off right now is hard to escape.
Tags: ramble

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