Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

That was NOT fun.

I flush the toilet and start to walk away, but here an odd, slight 'fssssshhhhh' sound.

I find that there's a small, but forceful, leak from the fitting from the wall to the toilet.

I try to turn the cut-off valve, but it doesn't want to move. In trying to get it to move (it was VERY stiff) the fitting gives way completely and I have water spraying at an enormous rate into my bathroom.

And I can't get the cut-off valve to close!

Call the apartment office for help ASAP (and find that I can't move the main cut-off for the apartment either!) and set my son to catching spraying water while I bail frantically. Then I notice the tub is filling..... (hair ball, gotta love it).

As it was, quite a bit of water got out of the bathroom into the carpeting. The little hall filled and it went a few feet into both bedrooms.

I DID finally manage to force the valve closed before the repair guy got there, so it was just down to bailing and crying.. okay, so the crying didn't do any good.

Shop vac and industrial fan. Dang me, but that fan is doing quite a job, too.

Oh, and something triggered a migraine. More crying, scaring my son. I really hate migraines. My back brain has not processed that they just aren't as bad now as when I was a teen and I plain and simply panic at the blind spot.
Tags: migraine, ramble

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