Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Well, with the bailing of water on Sunday, the muscles in the backs of my legs are (understandably) doing a kind of sit-down strike with signs saying 'Over-Worked, Under-Paid!". No surprise there, but it does mean anything besides sitting, standing still or laying down is kind of painful. I walk like a pregnant woman. I know this, because I remember what that felt like.

Now, the surprise is - my lower back is FINE. Happy with me, even. My arms aren't hurting either.

I am VERY far from complaining, but sheesh, what's up with that?

The hall carpet seems dry and the bathroom is cleaner than it's been in a while. These are good things.

Thomas' closet (shares a short wall with the bathroom) ended up with water in it, but I didn't notice until yesterday morning. I put the fan on it and it was pretty much dry to touch this morning.

Oh..... dear. I really need to check MY closet. It shares a long wall with the bathroom. Oooooooooo, dear!
Tags: ramble

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