Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Aaaaaaaand... there's the topper

I was feeling good. Got some paperwork off my desk, felt like I might have made a little progress.

Got water for the humidifier (so much easier to keep clean if you use RO water).

Picked up some dinner from Panera's. Told myself not to eat the bread in the car - save it for dipping in the soup! (I really should... but I get ahead of myself.)

Got home to find I really don't have enough quarters for laundry.... ugh.

LJ takes fooking-near-ever to load up.

And my dinner order is all screwed up. The soup's right... that's about it. The salad is totally wrong, there's no spoon and there's NO BREAD. Fook.

The topper, though, is the patch on WoW. weeeeeeee :|
Tags: rant

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