Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

That is one extraordinary south wind out there. It was almost BALMY when I stepped out into the dark of morning, this morning. And it was 0 degree F just a few days ago!

Had a lovely, fun BBQ dinner at Mom and Dad's house to celebrate Sister-in-Law's birthday (well, and brother#3, too). It was supposed to be a 'going out to dinner' thing, but Mom's back is WAY out and pinching her sciatic nerve, so SiL decided not to make Mom go out. We brought food home. And it was good.

The instance servers were down on Aggramar last night, which made our planned raid problematic.

So we:

Took down Kazzak (world boss) for the first time (we never tried before)
Took down Doomwalker (world boss) for the second time (only our second try at it, too)
Raided Darnassus - killed the leader with minimal resistance. It WAS amusing to stand on the pier for the boat back to Auberdine and hold off the Alliance with AoE. Such a lovely, narrow pier.....
Tried to raid Exodar, but a group beat us to it. LOL
Headed to Stormwind, but saw a '15 minutes to restart' warning and went too fast - left too many guards alive to chase us. AND there were Alliance waiting in the'throne room' for us. Lag-tastic! I did get a FEW attacks on the boss, but was incapacitated most of the time (I didn't even recognize some of the debuff icos!)

At 9 the servers wend down (and me not all they way out of Stormwind. Oh, boy) and stayed down until at least 10, when I gave up and went to bed.
Tags: ramble, temperature, wow

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