Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Oh, yeah. That's right.

I knew there was a reason I kind of stopped reading forums for the games I play.

Understand this. When 2.4 patch for WoW comes out, the attument requirements for getting into Mount Hyjal and Black Temple will be removed. Yes, the things I was just recently crowing about acchieving will be moot points.

Which makes Foederati two for two, when it comes to getting attuned for things just weeks before the attuments get removed. (Same thing happened for Tempest Keep and Serpent Shrine Cavern)

Do I care? No. Do others care? Oh, hell yes. The crying and bitching and 'This game sucks now!" "I remember the good old days (read: I won't be held in awe by those that don't have time to raid 20 or more hours a week)" and "Ima going to quit now, and make you all feel bad for still liking the game, you asswipes!" is in full spate.

I know better than to do what I want to do, which is say "Bye. It's called burnout. But you don't have the right to try to take us all with you. So, STFU and leave, already!'

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