Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Wig mounts, knitting and WoW.

The ducttape effigy of my head made last Tuesday (to be used for styling wigs) remains un-filled. It's just been too cold, too wet or both for the last week. And I just won't do that inside.

The left-hand-fed knit doily moves slowly - 4 of the 6 sections. Of course, I have unraveled it from four sections twice now. I do believe I will make a right-hand-fed one, too and maybe even remember to take pictures of both for posting. The difference is extreme.

We downed Shade of Akama for the first time last night in Black Temple. The first attempt went south quickly, as a tank died early on. Our second attempt went very nearly flawlessly. Unless that was a fluke, I don't think that's going to be a very difficult fight. Terron Gorefiend is next up. Man, I am like 2 for 8 killing Inner Demons in SSC, I don't expect better things killing constructs....

With just a couple weeks under my belt in both Black Temple and Mount Hyjal I believe I can safely say BT is fun and I already HATE MH. On the other hand, a really sweet +Shadowdamage cloak drops from trash in MH. I am the only raiding Shadowpriest in the guild now without it.

Work still sucks, but its on 'simmer' rather than 'rolling boil'.
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