Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Well, between the weather warming up and me going only 66 mph on K-10, my gas milage seems to have improved from a measly 36 mpg to 46 mpg (that's by the gauge in the car, that always runs about 2 mpg high). Interesting. And ever so much more relaxing, without taking all that much longer. I think I shall continue this.

Work had a rather satifying ending this week. The fill on Wednesday went so well, I feared for the inspection process. And, indeed, primary inspection on Thursday was hellacious. (I am not sure I can convey the horror. Perhaps this will work: We had to remove ~28,000 capsules of ~96,000 One. At. A. Time.) But, secondary inspection and counting went REALLY well today. I had never had to count capsules before (hell, no one had, as far as I know.) We had these little clear, hard plastic paddles, about the size and shape of square ping-pong paddles with 100 little wells cut into it, just the right size to hold a size 3 capsule. We filled the paddles and then transfered exactly 100 capsules to a plastic bag, rinse, repeat until we had 1000 capsule in the bag. Then we weighed the bag to check (100 capsules weights ~20 g, and our weights were all within about 2 g of each other, so it was a good check) numbers, then 8 such bags went into each drum.

I preferred counting to inspection. Just saying. LOL

Nothing else new here.

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