Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Well, that's ONE way to gain time to catch up on paperwork. Not exactly a suggested method, however. There were things in our solution today. Unidentifiable things. That batch is toast. Which is really bad for the client. And not so good for us, either.

Change subject. adammaker suggested I try 'Oil Pulling'. Sounds odd on the face of it, eh? Even odder when you find out what one does. A little bit of some cooking oil held in the mouth for 10 -20 minutes, then spit out completely. All sorts of good things are claimed for this, but, if it stops my post-nasal drip without drugs, I won't be laughing at it.

And, if it doesn't, I am not really out anything, am I? And it's not like anyone really knows how fluticasone propionate works, either, after all.

However, it never really occurred to me to find out what happens if I consciously choose not to swallow for 10 - 20 minutes at a time. :O I was surprised to find it was possible.

Interesting fact: the first part of this post involved sesame oil and the second involved olive oil.

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