Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

So.... what's the point of washing all natural oil from one's face, just to smear on other oils? I am not sure I get it. But I will do it for a while and see what happens. I break out in spots, I am never doing this again. Just saying.

Did I blog about my hot water heater? I don't think I did. I had noticed for a while that I was running out of hot water fast. Over time I had to turn the cold down and down and down, faster and faster, just to maintain a temp and ended up with barely warm water after a 10 minute or shorter shower. I told Vicki (the apartment manager - AND the woman that leased the apartment to me in the first place 7 years ago) and she wrote up a ticket. The guy came out while I was at work (as is expected) and left a note saying he couldn't see anything wrong and he still got hot water after 15 minutes of running. I figured him for a liar and called him all sorts of mean things to myself, but figured that was that.

BUT. When I went in to renew my lease, Vicki (as she always does) asked if there was anything they could do. I mentioned two heating elements on the stove that I had managed to make unusable (willing to pay for replacements, if they could get ahold of some), a door that had degraded (with Thomas' help) from the state it was when I first rented the place and my dissatisfaction with the water heater.

Well, she told me she wished I had mentioned that nothing had actually been fixed. Seems the old repair guy must have been a bit dihonest. Or something.

New guys replaced my old water heater. Yay!

The heating elements took a bit more. He could clearly see how I had melted plastic all over one, but just could NOT get it through his head that the other was unusable, too. It looked like I had just gotten some grease or something on it. Unfortunately, it was the coating from a tea kettle MELTED ON. Next time I heated the element up that hot again, it would transfer some of that coating to whatever I placed on it. Ugh. But, I finally convinced him to replace it (if not the WHY. I think he just replaced it to make me shut up. I am okay with that.) so I have all four heating elements again.

Work still sucks. I can't quite decide if it really did fall apart in my three day absence, or if it's a case of SN:AFU and I had just gotten used to dealing with it and moving on.
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