Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Farthingales is awesome. I ordered things on Wednesday, they shipped them the same day and I had them by Friday. (But, did Truely Victorian get bought by Laughing Moon? or vice versa? Or have they always been the same? Because the website said 'TV' patterns, but the patterns all have 'Laughing Moon' on them. The actual patterns appear to be exactly as the website pictured them.)

On the other hand, I may be something of a fabric tyro, but this 'coutil' does not appear to have any kind of herringbone weave to it at all. It's more of a tight-woven brocade and makes me wonder where the 'coutil' comes in. ( ninth one down is the one I ordered. pink, with roses) Perhaps I have a too-narrow notion of what coutil is.

Now... what am I going to make it into..... decisions, decsions. Oh, auroraceleste what was that Regency pattern you wanted me to try? ;)

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