Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I am feeling better about the costume, now that I have put on the petticoat and skirt, with a corset of the intended pattern over top. It may not be awesome, but it WILL be good.

I picked up a boxed set of The Chronicles of Narnia on CD and am listening to it while I drive. I think it was a good investment and I am enjoying it. (And it cost almost the same as a boxed set of the paperbacks. Mind boggling.) And I am trying very hard not to let me biases get in the way every time I hear "Focus on the Family" since they ARE the one's that produced it. I do wonder, however, just how true to the books they are.

Snark moment: perhaps I am missing an intentional fashion statement. See, I recently saw a picture from a Ren Fest where a women seems to have gone out of her way to fluff her breasts so far out of her bodice they spill over (and I do believe she had to fluff most all her breast out to do it. It looked kind of painful). I... I really thought we were supposed to be avoiding that....

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