Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Yesterday morning I had some great and wonderful revelation as I was pulling out of the parking lot of my apartment complex. Or, at least, I think I did. I can’t seem to remember it now. It must not have been terribly important, as my mother would say.

We are NOT to ‘surf the internet’ at work this week. I am assuming we must avoid even the appearance of same, so I am a little leery of even putting in my time (that’s online), or looking things up on the Intranet Portal. But it does mean I am not keeping up with LJ. Nor can I get my home mail, as I use the internet to do that. Surviving so far.

I am really enjoying listening to The Chronicles of Narnia on my trips to and from work – it really makes the time go by so much better. I hardly even notice if my fellow drivers are being courteous or not. This makes for so much less stress. I am still in driving zen a great deal of the time, but I don’t get lost in my own thoughts quite so much (as then I would lose the thread of the story). I think I am going to have to keep feeding this ‘books on CD’ habit, probably from the library (I hope.. cheaper that way) but I have no idea what I might want to listen to, that I wouldn’t buy as a book. Perhaps more books from my youth that I might have forgotten. I wonder if the Taran Wanderer series can be found…

OH! I was so amused. It was about 2/3rds through Voyage of the Dawn Treader when I swear I heard Edmund say “They might be giants.” It might have been “It might be giants’ however. Still, I do wonder if the band got its name from there. Anyone know?

There are gorgeous, hardy, rose-colored rose bushes all long the walls of the courtyard here at work. I literally stop and smell them as I go by, in or out of the building. They are getting past their prime, however. Now the miniature white ones are starting to bloom. It’s interesting. The rose colored roses have larger leaves, and the miniature ones are shinier.

Momma tells me I am missing the blooms on G’ma G’s ‘attack roses’. This is a rose that grows so fast, you would swear you can see it grow and that it’s reaching out to attack you. No, really. And my parent’s deliberately started a bush of it in THEIR backyard. :O But it smells so good - it’s stronger than the ones in the courtyard, for instance.

Oh booger! There’s a hole starting in my shirt and it’s not the first piece of clothing showing its age. I fear I am going to just have to admit I haven’t gone clothes shopping in a VERY long time and pretty much replace my wardrobe. :( Phooey. I hate clothes shopping so much.

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