Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I made a dress

And, if my son wakes up soon, you might even get pictures. But there's problems.

I used this because it offered me lots of opportunities to just rip the fabric (no worry about staying on grain that way...)

Alas. I thought I made the central panel 20 inches wide, but it was only 19 somehow. And that's an inch or two too small for me. If I lost a few pounds, maybe.

I tried it on with no underpinnings. Ew.

I tried it on with a corset. Not so bad, but then the waist was too big. Imagine.

I tried it on with a body shaper. Best look yet, but it's still obvious that it's skin tights around the middle.

Oh, and I missed my waist. The gores (I only put in the side gores because, really, that's enough and the middle gores are on slashes. ew!) miss hitting my waist by about 2-3 inches and it shows - the gown wants to ride up a bit, since it is under stress around my middle.

Also, I started out making the sleeves and underarm gussets much too big but that was easy to fix. They started out with the sleeves 20 inches across and the gussets based on a 13 inch square. I ended up with sleeves that were only about 15 inches across and the gussets based on a ~8 inch square. Much better.

So, other than wasting some pretty fabric from my stash, I think this was a good learning experience. And I think I could make a very nice little dress (like, everyday dress, not 'dressing up for a Ren Fest' dress) with all I have learned.

But what fabric this time....

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