Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Dear Sara,

You have been vastly entertaining these last several months. And our timing has been so perfect. About the time I grow tired of you, you disappear. About the time I start to wonder if you actally got the help you need, you friend me or send me another PM, from some new account.

But, alas, I have to admit, I have been commiting the internet sin of Feeding the Troll. This will be the last time. The gutter had palled and it's time for me to claw my way back up to some higher ground. From now on, I will ban you, and simply put that information in a friend's locked post so as not to bait you. I do, however, still believe it's important to let people know what journal you are currently using. Oh, and be warned I feel absolutely no reason to keep your PM's private anymore. You have lost that right.

Of course, if you don't post or PM anything to me, there's nothing for me to post in return, is there? Enjoy making that choice.

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