Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

On Saturday, my guild went back to Black Wing Lair on a lark. It wasn't a complete walk in the park for 20 level 70s, but it sure wasn't much of a challenge, either. We actually wiped to Firemaw, but that was over-confidence. We learned our lesson, believe me. Once we had Nefarion's head, it seemed only natural to go retrieve Onyxia's too, so we could turn in a matched set. Not like people turn in EITHER much anymore.

Then, because I seem to like pain, I agreed to go to take on Gruul in a group that was part raiding main, part alt and part non-raiding main. We had a couple bad pulls on Maulgor, but those were the only mishaps, and Gruul fell down nicely. Maybe not as cleanly as 25 raiding mains could have done, but down is down, if you ask me.

By then it was just too late to make a birthday party, but since I knew I was going shopping with the birthday girl the next day, I figured she'd forgive me.

Shopping was fun and useful. I will only tell you about the shockingly bad error I made if you happen to remember to ask me in person.

Later, it was sushi dinner with the birthday girl. And it was good. So was the "lemon grass and coconut' nigori - really have to be on the look out for more of that.

While I was noshing on wonderful eats, my guild was wiping to good old Illidan. Seems they got him down to 14% last night. We have had only three evenings making attempts on him, so I think that's pretty damn good. Looks like a group is forming up to give it another try tonight. I will be shocked shocked but delighted if we actually manage to take him down.

But, darn it all! Vashj and Kael'Thas took MUCH longer to get so far. Either ~14% is a cock-block point, or Illidan is a freaking push-over now.

I guess I should be saying, "Sunwell, look out for Foederati." Merely as a courtesy, you understand.

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