Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Things didn't click quite as well last night as Sunday night and we couldn't even get past Phase 2 on Illidan. Very sad. And the sniping at each other was disheartening. But I do believe this is precisely what Amradorn (our guild leader) sees and makes him so leary of raiding more than three nights a week. I can only agree with him.

On the other hand, I can TOTALLY see us taking Illidan down soon, just as soon as we can stop flailing. It's so doable. Actually, I should say it's so obviously doable even *I* can see it, because normally it's my brothers saying this and me being doubtful.

But, Illidan was the End Game before Sunwell, so this apparent easiness disquiets me. Are we just that good? Surely not, but I sure like thinking so. Has he been nerfed? Possibly, which will take a lot of the glory away. Is the end of the fight the hardest part? This! This is what I fear. To wipe at the beginning over and over is hard, but expected. To wipe over and over at <15% will likely gut us.

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