Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I enjoyed Ender's Game. If I really let myself think about the premise, I would be very disturbed, but I am good at ignoring such things. And I really wanted to know what would happen. Of course, 36 year old me had a good idea what the observers really meant, but I can utterly believe that 12 year old Ender didn't.

Speaker for the Dead made me think even more. But I found it interesting that one of the concepts directly opposes Star Trek's Prime Directive. I will likely be thinking about that off and on for quite some time to come.

But Xenocide I am having some trouble with. For one thing, I feel like I am missing a whole volume of the story. For another, I am not sure what story is being told. It's just kind of ...odd. All of it, really. There's no part I can point to and say 'well, that part's not odd'. If I were reading, rather than listen, I think I would have abandoned it, I am failing so utterly to click with it.

Edit: Spoilers in the comments. Not that that should matter, as the book are so old.

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