Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

A curse while laughing.

I don't PvP much. Just not my cup of tea, although I can melt faces half decently in the battlegrounds, if they aren't PvP geared. Anyway!

Right now it's the Festival of Fires in WoW and one of the things you can do for fun and profit is extinguish the opposing factions fires. But this flags you for PvP and you are usually deep in enemy territory. (not always, mind). Well, I had managed not to get attacked for most of the fires, but was rather nervous waiting for the boat to Azuremyst Isle, as I really was a sitting duck and had just extinguished a fire, so my flag timer was fresh. A level 70 priest came up, not flagged, and waved and danced while we waited. It's actually kind of amusing how much of a conversation one can have with emotes alone.

But, once we were both on the boat, the dear creature flagged and Mind Controlled me right off the boat. As frustrating as that was (it's a long ass swim back to where you can get on the pier again) I really had to laugh while cursing her wit.

She even came BACK on the boat, but by then I had unflagged, so all she could do was laugh at me. ;) If I had seen her in time, I would have /lol'ed back. (I am pretty sure she was hiding, because I DID look for her. Being a priest myself, I KNOW how much fun it is to Mind Control people off edges and the chance to do it again would have been irresistible.)
Tags: wow

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