Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

First off, Illidan died tonight and I was there. Curse broken. Finally.
It was a little slow to start as we were training a new fire tank, but he picked it up quickly. This was our cleanest kill, with only one person dying and that to the crazy DoTs at the end of the fight.

Xenocide is, indeed, considerably less inexplicable if you happen to start at the beginning, rather than two thirds in. Who'da thunk it. But having the books on my MP3 player sure makes it hard to resist listening when I should be working. On CDs, there's no real opportunity.

Hellboy II was fun. The fights were never too long, they brought home the funny and the story wasn't too stupid. I don't ask for much more than that anymore. I was rather suprised at how sympathetic the villian was - that was unusual. Sure, he was ruthless and desperate, but he motive wasn't all bad, just bad for humans, is all. But then, I really liked watching the man move, (and they let us do it lots) so that may be it.

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