Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I finally saw The Dark Knight. There must be something wrong with me, as I felt no need to process it much afterward. Or maybe it was just the fact that I finished 'Childern of the Mind' last night as well, and I KNOW I needed to process that one. I have a vague memory of body switching in my waking-up dream.

Can you believe it took me half the movie to remember why a major character's name was familiar? In my defense, I was more a Marvel reader than a DC one.

OMG, I was about to talk about wearing a skirt I just finished to work, when I noticed A HOLE in my newly-bought-and-not-even-washed shirt. ARGH. That's the second piece of clothing recently bought that ended up with holes. One from Penneys, one from Kohls. Depressing, since I don't like clothing shopping in the first place.

And it was such a pretty mood I was in before. *sigh*

EDIT: A look in the mirror here at work reminded me why I shouldn't wear white bras under white shirts. And, darn it all, the its-too-cold-in-here emergency shawl is just the wrong color for any but emergency wear.

Can I just crawl home now?
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