Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Finished “The Shadow of the Giant”.

These won’t be spoilers so much as teasers, but I know some of you are sensitive about such things, so I will LJ cut this.

First off, I gotta say ‘Jane is an uppity accountant-and-child-finder? Bwahahahahah That’s a joke, people, don’t bite my head off.

But, two whole stories just left…. unfinished. Granted, one might happen exactly the way Bean supposes it will, but what about the other? Future novel(s), I guess.

“Petra” and “Peter” both mean “rock”. I wonder if that was intentional. Could OSC have had that set up from the start, or just made use of it later?

Me, I wonder what happened to the rest of Dragon Army.


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