Kerri (solan_t) wrote,


Survived Dragon*Con. Not likely to survive trying to catch up on LJ.

Dragon*Con is too many people for my comfort, but.... so compelling, just the same.

Oh, and the imp of the perverse menstruation can shove his little tricks up his ass. No one that had to go through with this shit would think it was funny, but some power, somewhere, obviously does. And I want to pound it into a paste. Preferably one that can take out blood stains, actually. I'm pretty sure it would work.

Kansas State Fair starts next week.
How'd that happen?

Poor Grandma. First she has a grandchild that got divorced (bad enough we didn't marry in a Catholic Church to begin with), now it seems one of her grandchildren hasn't bothered to get married before getting pregnant*.

Actually, NOONE in the family has made any comment about me being divorced, and yet I am fully aware I am the first in the family to do so. I am sure no one will make a fuss over the pregnancy, either, but I am just a sure my cousin will be fully aware she is a first, too.

I don't much like politics, but after rolling my eyes over McCain's VP choice, I can't help being amused that the US voting public has no choice this time around other that to elect a first, one way or another.

*Unless, of course, I am simply forgotten the wedding. Considering how many cousins' weddings I have missed, it's possible.

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