Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

1. Motrin is good for headaches

2. But Excedrin is good for backaches.

3. Why the heck isn't Excedrin PM just Excedrin without the caffeine? Why drop the aspirin?! Why add the 'sleep-aid'?!

4. But can HPMC capsules even be sealed on the LEMS?

5. Paagnio is a very smart dude. Why does he have to live so far away?

6. I heard Paag's real name once, but promptly forgot it.

7. Obviously, Paag doesn't have the same name as any of my relatives, or I would remember it.

8. Like I remember Bloodguard's name is Michael, because two of my uncles are Michaels.

9. And how can the guild forget Blood's son's name? "Kyle, get the f__k out of snowman!" yelled over Vent will live in infamy.

10. (previously lost to poorly trained memory) it's amazing what a difference even a little bit of mascara can make.
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