Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Looks like A Tale in the Desert III is winding down and IV will be starting soon. if you are curious. There's official support sites, too. Don't remember what they are, however.

I think I gave III a pass, although I definitly played in I and II. I get this overwhelming urge to make mud bricks every once in a while (like... now) but that game is a second (unpaid) job and not friendly to a solo or casual player.

"But, Kerri," I hear you say "you raid in WoW!"

Ye, verily, I do raid in WoW. And enjoy it. And I say unto you, A Tale in the Desert is a second job and not friendly to the solo or casual player.

Thankfully, in the last... year? two? I finally lost the peculiar turn of mind that would, upon seeing three perfect little pines in swath of grass, have me thinking 'I wonder how much wood I could pull from that?'

Shoot. I think it's actually been long enough I have mostly forgotten why I quit so soon, but still remember why I stayed as long as I did. This... could be bad.

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