Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I post here, because I don't want to ruin the streak there....

It's been a closed board for a year or two now, but Riko openned it up recently, or I wouldn't post it in public. Anyway! The people there and I have posted together for years and know each other's (online) personalities pretty well. Pierre seems to be born to be a board clown. He's wild, he's wacky and you never quite know what he will do next. Until I met him, dugfromthearth was my benchmark for crazy posting (although he is positively sedate and sane on Riko's.... I wonder if he thinks of it as a refuge?).

(for those following along, I have a mad crush on the mind of the one calling himself dugfromthearth. I have never met him in person, don't really know what he looks like and have occasional sneaking suspiscions about how truthful he is with his personal life... but that's actually Rob's fault. But that mind! *sigh* At least he's reproducing. LOL).

Getting back to the subject, Pierre's recent lark was to start what he calls the 'testicle game'. The point is to make suggestions about alternate uses for them.... I noticed that not ONE woman on that board has posted on that game... and I, without even OWNING any, am wincing......

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