Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Spore on space stage does appear to be crack. Why my son enjoys being my navigator rather than playing directly himself, I may never know. But he sure made it easy to get started. That's the way he made finishing Portal possible. I don't thing either of us alone would have managed.

I am not sure how this works. Someone wants to removed some side-lacing from a corset pattern so it's more 'authentic', but then goes on to say the lacing would show too much skin. Having to worry about skin directly beneath a corset isn't 'authentic' for any time period but now. Maybe... the person is trying to remake something they have seen in current media? I didn't read far enough to be sure. *

Friday was... interesting. "Deblistering" was drama-free (although not pain-free. There HAS to be a better way to get that many tablets out of blister packs. There's just gotta.), but two of the three pieces of equipment needed for the next step were... non-functional. All sorts of things were just not working. Thus, when thunder woke me an hour early this morning, my mind started fretting about the whole thing.
Good news, though, it seems to have been fixed (or, all that I had my hand in or my signature on) as of this morning. The wonders of just lending a hand on someone else's project.

Tonight, Foederati is scheduled to return to Naxxramas (the tippy-top, high-end instance before Burning Crusade came out) and take on the second to last boss, hopefully kill him and then, FINALLY, take on and kill the end boss. We cleared all of Naxxramas up to that in just 6 hours work.
Why, you ask?
1) It's there. And it won't be anymore, in the next month or two.
2) It stymied Foed, and we aren't the type to let that stand.
3) It will give us a jump on the revamped-for-level-80's version that will be in Wrath of the Lich King (as the level 80 version Karazhan)
4) Did I mention "Because it's there"? I did? Okay, then "Because we can".

*I went back and read the rest of the post. Looks like a classic case of a beginner picking the wrong pattern and thinking it can be altered to what is actually wanted. *sigh* So many patterns are available now-a-days. Why do so many people gravitate to the Elizabeth and want to alter it to reduce the waist?

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