Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

These are all merely irritating. I know they are only irritating. I am grateful they are only irritating. They are, however, still irritating.

The coffee and stale cigarette smoke that has made itself at home here, since the new people moved into the empty cubes.

Call after call after call for that blasted real estate company with the same last 7 digits as my office number.

Getting told at 10:30 about mandatory training from 1-4 today. WTF? This isn't even emergency training. And why the HELL is it three fooking hours?!

Right, now to actual whining. I know I am just whining. I am going to do it anyway.

There's supposed to be a patch for WoW today, making the talent changes for the expansion. Everthing is changing. But what concerns me, personally, is that all the 'snowflake' builds are getting either competition or the axe. Or a bit of both. Aydena's Shadowpriest build is such a 'snowflake' build. It used to be the only build that could give SO MUCH mana back to a group there was literal fighting over which group got the SPriest. Now, we aren't going to be giving back near as much mana (to any one character) and there will be two other classes that can do the same thing. We are supposed to now be able to do as much damage as any other DPS build, however. I will belive it only if I see it. Yes, it's giving with one hand while taking with the other. But I rather liked being so useful and it's not like there was an over-abundance of SPriests. There was something keeping most people from playing an SPriest
While these changes will make it MUCH easier for a Raid Leader to form a group, it's going to make it MUCH more boring for the players otherwise. What difference, after all, between Mage, Warlock or SPriest now? What difference between Troll, Blood Elf or Tauren? Bah. I already played a game where it didn't matter what race you were and had no classes. It was called Asheron's Call.
Maybe I will love it. Maybe I will change mains. Maybe I will finally break my WoW addiction. Who knows.
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