Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Blizzard proves, once again, it's evil cracktasticness

Sure, patch day was a cluster. I never could log into Aggy, but this is probably for the best. People that DID manage to log in on Tuesday found things... missing yesterday. Like mounts. Like all their mounts. Not 'I can't figure out my mounts are now in the mount tab' but 'my mount tab is EMPTY'

But, I digress.

Blizzard added Achievements. I kind of knew this was coming. I had even heard something about it, in other games. Heck, Spore has badges, which are just another name for achievments. But I was kind of 'meh' about the idea.

I was so wrong! I spent all last evening seeing what I could achieve and managed to get the 'explored all of Kalimdor' one. I gotta tell you, Blizzard still loves the Alliance. Just be Horde and try to get to Teldrasil. I dare you. Guards now auto-flag you just by aggroing on you, there are lots of freaking guards on the Darkshore peir and the guards on both sides of the Darnassus portal are level 75. And there are, I do believe, four of them. I really couldn't get more than a few yards from the portal (on foot, of course, because I had just teleported) before dying. Did you know, if you die at the foot of the cliff that Darnassus stands on, you find yourself at the GY in Darkshore? I didn't. You have to take the freaking BOAT, to get your body, to take the freaking boat AWAY again. I actually died AGAIN, trying to run from my body to the boat and didn't even make it to the pier.

But, other than THAT, the evening was pretty cool.

Interesting PvP interaction. Because I was forced to PvP just to get to the boats, a level 68 hunter decided to attack me once the boat started moving. But I knew just what to do (having been on the receiving end of this one). Power Word: Sheild, then Mind Control the hunter off the boat. I was a little miffed to find myself disconnected right when the MC broke, but got back in before I missed my exit or someone else managed to kill me.

It doesn't count as a kill, of course, but it sure counts as a win!

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