Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Seems both batteries in the car were just....drained. No known reason. I know the lights were out (if only because none came back on when the car was jumped) and the dome light goes out on its own after 5-10 minutes of the engine being off and the door being open, so that shouldn't have done it. Just don't know how the battery was drained. Which, of course, means it could happen again at any time. :(

Very little other news here. WoW achievments are still crack. Currently trying to get the 'way too freaking many quests left undone in the old world' achievments. Really, it's shocking how many quests my main skipped while leveling. Not much sewing is getting done. Work is in a weird 'wait and see' stage. It's likely to be a long day.
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