Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Foed is working on the (admittedly nerfed) Eredar Twins in Sunwell. Last night, we had one pull where the second twin was a mere 5% from death when we wiped. sigh. Every pull after that was a quick wipe at the Conflagration. Why, oh why does she have to target the healers (or the tanks. ONCE, just once she targeted a dpser - a mage)? I was ready! I had my finger on the strafe key at the 5 second warning. I was so out of there, if she targeted me.

But, she never did. No, it was the poor healers, that have so many other things to concentrate on, that she picked on. Thatamess was a particular favorite, getting targeted around 6 times. He was quickly VERY well practiced at getting out of the group. Other healers, though, alas, very distracted and the raid goes boom.

Funny story: I was so primed to run out if targeted, that when I saw a familiar blue hood in the Target-of-Target spot, I started strafing before I realized it was one of the healing priests targeted, not me. I dashed back to the group, hoping no one noticed the Shadow Priest out of line.

Ironically enough, the targeted priest didn't actually leave the group (hit his turn key, not his strafe key), so instead of avoiding the Conflag, I actually ran into it.

Ah, well, quick wipes have their advantages. And, by golly, those are some QUICK wipes.

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