Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

What the ...

I have now been hit on by complete strangers (at Dillion's once, even!) more in the last eight or so weeks than the entire rest of my life. I can't figure it out. The weight loss seems the most likely reason, but I weighed less in college. The red hair? Had that for more than two years now, (good grief, that long?!) A change in my attitude... that doesn't really explain the guy at Dillon's who hit on me as soon as I walked close enough. Although he did say it was the red hair. And my attitude has been in a constant flux for pretty much as long as I can remember. That's life. It's not a change in clothing, since I haven't bought much in the way of new clothes in ages. I suppose it could just be a confluence of all, but dang! The guys at the State Fair were amusing. The guy at Dillon's scared me. The guy here at work... in the cube across from mine... creeps me out. So not into office romances, even if he WAS my type....

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