Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

After spending all day in totally redundant (but FDA-required) training, I was in no mood for company last night, so I skipped Costume meet up. Sorry. You really didn't want me there being snappish, anyway.

I did play WoW, but my guild heard less from me than usual. The two 'take out named mobs together, rather than competing with each other for them' PUGs worked out well, but required very little actual communication. It is such a joy to play with people that know what they are doing.

I am totally miffed that the cooking recipes I want/need are only available by doing cooking dailies in Dalaran... since I can't officially GET to Dalaran for several more levels. :( These uncooked fish are going to start to smell soon, I am sure.

I love having Herbalism back. I had been suppressing how much I missed it.

I have been listening to The Water Room on the commute and have been enjoying it, for all I can't quite figure out where things are going. But one comment made me stop listening for a bit, in sheer wonderment. The main character (the whole thing is set in London) muses on the fact that he hadn't taken a Holiday longer than a fortnight since he was 14. ... As far as I know, Americans almost NEVER take a holiday longer than a week (must less two) unless they are recovering from a medical procedure. I know I never have. And, what is a Gap (or GAP) year, anyway?

Today is the company's Thansgivnig meal. I am telling myself over and over that the $6 is just the company's way of ensuring correct RSVP, not the actual cost of the meal per person. Because the alternative is just too insulting.

Required SoP reading around here is so damn fluid right now. An SoP that was required a month ago can fall off the list and one that wasn't even mentioned as 'optional' can be required at the drop of a hat.

And they wonder why we can't keep our required reading current.

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